Quality & HSE Policy

It is the policy and overall business objective of DJS to provide services of highest quality and in compliance with the clients specified requirements. The company recognizes that genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of its clients is essential to the achievement of these objectives and thus continually strives to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the clients are realized in the quality of the services it provides.

DJS Enterprise LLC consider health, safety and environment protection are fundamental management concerns and the company management are committed to the implementation of safety and environment measures.

We are committed to continual improvements in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and performance. Through the stringent application of HSE rules, we ensure that we are doing our upmost in protecting the environment, as well as our stakeholders, along with our employees, clients, sub-contractors and the community at large.

The management of the company shall communicate, consult and advise with employees on all quality issues relevant to the operation of its business. The Company is committed to its continual integration of improvements and therefore this policy is subject to annual review.